Monday, September 1, 2008

Pierce in a Pickle Bucket

Yesterday we went to Lake Martin to spend time with my brother George and his wife Brittany and her fam. It was a lovely day. Brittany's mom, Debbie, taught us about pickle buckets. While this is not an actual pickle bucket, they work perfectly for containing and cooling babies! I'm going to be asking for pickle buckets at delis and I recommend you do the same :)

This week we went to take pictures of Pierce and our friend Baby Miles at the Botanical Gardens. Miles is the son of a girl from my photography class, Emily Joy. We had met a few times because she used to teach at Shades Cahaba, but have become friends and photography buddies! These pictures are the story of the day. Miles sitting looking cute and cooperative... Pierce wiggling and moving and being generally unphotographable.


Lacey said...

I'm obsessed w/ Pierce. I told my mom yesterday that she was the cutest thing and made me want one! Then my mom got really scared-haha!

I will so keep her if you ever need a night out w/ Peter and your parents are unavailable!

Mary Beth said...

What a small world that you are hanging out with Bubba's wife (I hear he likes to be called Miles now...) Cute pictures!!