Saturday, September 20, 2008

What a slacker!!

I've done it again. Overcommited. So I haven't updated the blog in 2 weeks. I know you're all breathless with anticipation over what must be happening in our lives :)

Pierce and I went to the lake with the Doobas last weekend and it was wonderfull! Pierce is in love with the water. We went on a boat ride and swam, but generally just relaxed. On the boat rides, Pierce just sits totally still. I think the wind exhilerates her, but also tires her out.

This weekend Peter is in Nashville with his soccer team :( so Pierce and I are on our own. We have SO enjoyed today (saturday) so far. We went to Aldridge Gardens with Trisha and Cash and Tiffany and Aubrey and the weather is just perfect. I hope you are out enjoying it too.

Pierce has been doing this funny little goat-sounding giggle. Dooba can make her laugh like no one else, even me. She almost sounds like she's crying she laughs so hard. I'm attaching a video of it. She eats pretty much everything, stands alone on a regular basis, crawls like a speed-demon, and has started weaning herself. I was panicky a few months ago about how I would ever wean her, and here she is doing it all alone. And has started sleeping thru the night in conjunction. As usual: perfect!

This picture is where I found her this morning. I was in my bathroom getting ready, and things had gotten strangely quiet. I was sure I would find her playing with electronics or something equally mischevious, but no. She was reading in her room. What a delight. If they'll all be like this, sign me up for several!!