Monday, August 25, 2008

The Floor Won

Everyone's child falls off the bed. All the stories I've heard happened around 6-7 months, when the baby has just begun to roll. So, since Pierce is nearly 9 months old, we're out of danger. Right? I was feeling, perhaps, just a hair proud. My pride hit the floor with a thud (literally) on Sunday morning. We were about to check out of our hotel in Auburn, when it happened. Pierce dove off the bed. Here is her poor little face afterward :( Other than a bit of rug burn, she's a-ok.

She is VERY proficient at saying the word "ball," although it's very southern and kind of rapper-like... "Baw." Here is a video of that, too. She just says it once at the beginning (she is not a circus monkey) so listen closely!

The Auburn Hotel and Conference Center has recently updated their rooms, and have extremely nice showers now, but no tubs. Pierce seemed to like it. She really liked wiping the steam from the door.

Her 1st Findley's experience!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Packed with Fun!

This week was another very busy one and the weekend was jam-PACKED with fun. Friday night my BFF, Trisha, threw me a birthday party at Superior Grill. Most of my dearest friends were there (a few missed it) and it was just one of the most fun birthdays I've had. Maybe THE most fun. This weekend George, Brittany, Hagen and her boyfriend John were in town. We spent lots of time together Saturday and Sunday. Lots of eating, a beautiful wedding, more eating, lots of photography talk, tons of laughter. I think Pierce was overstimulated and over-exhausted, but we all had the very best time. I love when all my family is together. We really missed Grace, but that's my only complaint about the weekend :)

I only have b'day party pics... once I get the other events from the fam, I'll do a follow-up post.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Grown-Ups

I recently had a request to tell about Peter and me on the blog. I find us fairly boring... Pierce is what is exciting about our lives at the moment, but here's the story: Peter is starting his 3rd year of school to complete his undergraduate and Master's degree in PE. He has a history degree... (note to readers: if you choose a degree like this, know how you intend to use it.) :) We are hopeful that he will be hired by Homewood schools, or at LEAST some Over-the-Mountain elementary school next August. He will still have some grad courses left, but will be able to work as a fully certified teacher at that time. He has worked extremely hard and had to take some ridiculous classes (nursing level anatomy, physiology, kinesiology.) He's tired of it, but glad he's doing it and excited about his future influencing little lives. I think he'll be really wonderful. He's also coaching a team of U-12 girls at Birmingham United Soccer Assoc, formerly Mountain Brook Soccer Club. If you need any detail about this, please email him. He is extremely eager to discuss anything soccer, and I am extremely eager for you to give my ear a rest. ;)

I am working at National Real Estate, for almost 4 years now, as the Account Exec for the state of Alabama. As you know from watching the news even for a moment, the real estate market is extremely slow, but we're still doing well considering the market. I am also directing Dawson Ballet, which starts for the 08-09 season on August 25th. I'm looking for a teacher, preferably with experience, for Tuesday afternoons! My main excitement (besides my beautiful baby daughter) at the moment is photography. I started taking a class in early July and have become truly obsessed. Peter says I'm maniacal. I am signed up for 2 more classes this upcoming semester and hoping to do more with my new hobby in the future. (Shameless advertisement: I'm going to do Christmas card photos for people for $50 starting in October.) I take my camera almost everywhere and even pull over on the side of the road to take pics as I travel to see customers. There are pictures attached, to continue my shameless advertisement.

What else? We are so super happy... just loving life as a family of 3. The only complaint any of us have is that we're all ready for Peter to be working. I know though, that I'll long for these times of having him around so much once he's unavailable from 8-3 everyday. I'm enjoying every phase of life with us and Pierce. Hanging on every moment. I turn 29 on Tuesday... weird.

My mom took this one, I just threw it in so you could see me, since this is supposed to be about me and Peter!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

weekend activities

This weekend has already been full! Here are pictures from bathtime (Dooba is always standing people's hair up in the tub,) Sam's Deli with the Gamble clan, Pepper Place with the Doobas and the Galleria with Trisha and Cash. Ain't life grand?

she enjoys grabbing Bana's nose, as you can see here.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Big girl

This week Pierce was sick, then got her 1st tooth, decided she can feed herself better than we can and crawls all OVER the place. We've had fun. The tooth is RARELY seen, but you can feel it. I got a text from Emi on Wednesday that said "We have a tooth!" So exciting! She's eating blueberries, black beans, zipper peas, puffs, some bread and turkey. In the pictures below, you can see her playing with the gigantic passy they give you in the hospital, eating something yummy and pulling up on the table. She's growing so fast, but still as sweet as ever.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Fun-filled Saturday

Today was such a fun day that I had to do another entry. Peter and Pierce and I went to Sam's Super Sandwiches and then to Homewood Park. It was delightful! Then we went to Vestavia Country Club with the Doobas. Big Dooba started Pierce's swim lessons, which she didn't mind a bit (going under and everything!) Then when the storm started we all headed up for a yummy dinner. What a perfect day.

Gettin "Bee-sy"

This week was as full as the last two! I can't seem to sit still, and I really want to! But sweet Pierce and Peter are so good-natured and laid back, they just go with it. This week we played with our friends the Doroughs and Stephensons. The twins are Sam and Molly, big brother Jake Dorough. The boy Pierce is negotiating a toy exchange with is Reid Stephenson. The moms and one of the dads are some of my dearest friends from high school and childhood... how cool to get to raise our kids together. I love Homewood. Pierce and Dooba and I also visited Aunt Ann, Uncle Dirty and cousin Cheryl in Union Springs, AL with a few pit stops in Montgomery, Tuskeegee and Clanton. AND I won a poker game at our house! Busy busy busy.