Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wald Park

I have Tuesdays off from my real job, so Pierce and I always have the best time. This past Tuesday was GORGEOUS, I'm sure you noticed, so we headed out to a park. My BFF and her little boy, Cash, joined us at Wald Park in Vestavia. I've been there a few times, but not with Pierce at this age and let me just say... Go. It is wonderful. We didn't feel like we had to stand right with them every single second, and they were totally entertained. We stayed for 3 hours. Here is some of the fun.

She really didn't want me to take her picture.

I LOVE this series. As I started shooting, Cash said he was ready to get off. I asked him to hug his mom for a pic and he walked right off with this smirk on his face. Stinker!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Elefun Fun

Have you ever played Elefun? It's an adorable game where a little elephant blows butterflies out of his trunk and the kiddos catch the butterflies with a net. Pierce has played it at our friend Cash's house and loved it! I always have trouble getting her in the car as we leave Emi's house, so today I had a flash of genius and asked her if she'd like to MAKE the game at our house. She was in the car in NO time and after a little construction, we had so much fun! She's obsessed with "shows" (tv shows) and we're trying to limit the amount she watches. This is very hard in the cold weather we've been having. I can tell you that our homemade Elefun fun was the longest she's gone without asking for a show in ages!!! Yay for creativity!

Also, did I mention Baby #2 will be here in July? I don't know who knows!

Please notice the pink butterfly flying over her head and the one taking off of her hand. Success!!! She liked this better than catching them.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Christmas 2009

This Christmas was wonderful! Pierce didn't completely get it, but enough that it was completely full of fun. She was a little confused about where Santa was on Christmas morning since we told her he was coming. But the gifts he left were a quick distraction. Here's the running commentary:

Santa left a few more things than just the pink lollipop and candycanes.
He left a candy cane trail to the presents!

So happy about the pink lollipop.
Don't forget the stocking!

Testing out the new microphones! (Although Santa didn't leave batteries.)
Adidas warm-up suit from Daddy. She loves it. Obviously.
The wrapping paper pile at Oobas is always a favorite.
Thank you Daddy!!!!!
Hagen got a steering wheel cover from our Daddy. Pierce insisted on a bath about halfway through the unwrapping. When she got out she had on her house shoes and just LOVED Aunt Hagen's "hulaloop."
She LOVES her cousin Isaac. Loves.
And she loves Dodo and Dede's dog, Clancy. This is my favorite pic.