Thursday, April 30, 2009

in case you ever wondered

Ever wondered who Pierce looks like? I was going through some old family pictures the other day and ran across this one. George with a hose at about Pierce's age. The girl has got some very distinct Gamble traits (those luscious lips and wide brows) but there is no questioning her Stegall blood. I threw in one of Grace that looks a lot like Pee-pie too :)

Saturday, April 25, 2009

time flies and mommy cries

Here is a pic from August of 08... less than 9 months ago.

And here is today. :( I'm going to cry now.

The Zoo

I finally took Pierce to the zoo this weekend! It was her first trip. Emi wanted to take her MONTHS ago and I meekly asked if she would wait until I could take her 1st. I'm so demanding. Peter is at a soccer tournament in Destin, my ballet recital was this morning and Grace came to town today. Grace, Pierce and I headed to the zoo and had a blast. After a brief but loud fit at the flamingo cage (she really wanted to climb in and was outraged that we wouldn't allow it) it was a success. We saw lazy kangaroos and a slumbering alligator, animated monkeys (p's fave,) birds, and sea lions (my fave.) I hadn't been to the zoo since the children's section had been added and Pierce was SO funny looking for the water that would randomly shoot up at her! Did I mention that she wouldn't stop trying to drink it? All of the super-classy people at the zoo thought it was hysterical. It was a proud moment.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Easter this year was a bit of a whirl-wind. I had to sing at both church services (there singing at 7) so Peter got Pierce dressed in her Easter finest. Thanks to Ooba for the beautiful dress and bonnet. We all met at Ooba's for an Easter Egg hunt and a DELISH lunch. Poor Bana wasn't feeling well :( Just as I sat down to lunch Pierce fell apart and it turns out she had a fever, which went on for 2 days. She was so pitiful, but a great snuggler. So, you see by the end of the lunch she's in her pj's being kissed by puppies!

new friends and old friends

My sweet friend Mary, who was my first friend when we moved back to Homewood, and I haven't seen each other since we had babies. She and her son came over last Thursday. Fletcher, her 14 month old boy, and Pierce were thick as thieves in no time!

Isn't he the most perfect combo of Mary and Brian??

Yes yes she's naked and he's dressed to the nines, but she'll never be caught without a phone.

I LOVE this picture because Fletcher is getting in trouble, but he's giving it right back to Mary. My child's big head got in the way, but you can see!

Here comes Fletcher Cottontail, hoppin down the bunny trail....

Cousin Aubrey's Baptism

My cousin Sarah's daughter Aubrey was baptised a few weeks ago and I made myself the official party photographer. Sarah throws a GREAT party... fun and yummy. This is just to show off some cute kiddos :)

in the back is Evelyn, Sarah's middle daughter. The front seat are her cousins on the other side.

Sarah and the guest of honor, Aubrey. Is this comfort or what?

Sarah's cousin on the other side, Meredith, has little twinsies.

The newest Stegall great-grandbaby and her great grandmama. Mary Beth's baby, Caroline.

Spring Break

If you know me at all you know that I adore my family. Many people "get enough" at times or just don't care to be around them much at all... not I. My mom is my best friend, my dad can solve and problem, Hagen knows everything there is about me, Grace is the best comfort when you're sad and George can always make you see the brighter side. My wonderful husband puts up with me when I am SOOOOO much to handle, his patience is astounding, and that baby girl, well..... she's the light in my eyes.

This year's AEA beach trip consisted of me, Peter, Pierce, Momma, Daddy, and George heading down on Tuesday. Brittany came on Thursday night for the weekend. Grace came for a few hours a couple of days. Did I mention that the condo is a 2 bedroom? And it was delightful!!! We enjoyed the most beautiful days I ever remember on a spring break. Sunset daiquiris, Red Bar, splashing in the waves with Pierce, sleeping in (Ooba took Pierce) it was all wonderful. I even got a pretty good tan!

We let Pierce watch a little video while at the beach (she doesn't normally watch tv) and she was riveted!

Maybe SHE got enough family time! :)

shock and awe

I can't believe it's been so long since I posted! Life has been quite demanding lately and posting on the blog is one of the things that has fallen through the cracks. I am going to do several different posts to update you.

Here goes....