Sunday, December 28, 2008


Little Pierce's Christmas was busy, full of family, and really fun! Here are some glimpses into her/our happy holiday...

Warm-up from her Daddy

The Stegalls!

Uncle Joel and Cousin Isaac

She made this face a lot this season

Lovin on Cousin Isaac

She kept retreating to this spot with her gifts.

Liking what she found in the stocking

What's in this thing?

Mama Ann's b'day

Waiting for Santa

I still have some more from the Gamble's and Christmas Eve in general, PLUS the very exciting Santa pic. Stand by.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Homewood Parade

We went to the Homewood Christmas parade this Saturday. We considered not going because it was going to be cold and the point seems to be to get candy, which I don't let Pierce have much of. However, you can see below that Pierce LOVED it. She was hysterical. Stared open mouthed, waived like she was part of the parade and tried to walk out into and with the parade. There was also some dancing. SO cute and fun!

Two days before this pic I had a conversation with a friend where I said, "NO I don't let her have suckers." Hmmm, looks like a sucker to me. I'm getting soft!

here she is gettin down!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Auburn Gal

My in-laws may disown me for this, so SHHHH!


I enjoy putting things on Pierce's head far too much. Here are my two favorite hats for her. :)

Thanksgiving Activities

We had all kinds of fun with family for Thanksgiving. We started at Bana's house (Peter's mom, in case you aren't familiar with the grandparent lingo) for lunch. DELICIOUS! We played with Uncle Joel, Uncle Jimmy, Grandpa and Bana. We missed Isaac though. You'll notice I have no pictures of this event. It's because they had her in an Alabama rocking chair, with an Alabama shaker and an Alabama teddy bear. Somehow my camera seemed to have died during all that. ;)

Then we went for games and sangria at Dooba (my mom.) We played with Dooba and Grandpapa (said like a high-society snob... we're still working on his name,) Aunt Hagen, Aunt Grace, Uncle George and Aunt Brittany, and John Ellis. You can see Pierce studying her dictionary at this event. We're so proud.

Earlier in the week we had dinner with tons of Stegalls, in celebration of Jenny, Will, Annie, William and JEB's return from Asia! We're so glad to have them back! Then we had dinner with lots of Stegalls again, just for fun. Pierce loves her little cousins. Big families are a blast.

Lastly, we went Christmas tree chopping. It's possibly my very most favorite tradition. This was Pierce's 1st experience and I believe she may have loved it. She found some bamboo that she carried around like a walking stick, went on her 1st hay ride, had boiled peanuts and kettle corn, and pet a pony and a dog. Could anything be better? She and Dooba looked so adorable all matching (unplanned.)

The holiday season is off to a great start!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Quick Fix

I have been terrible about blogging, but here's a quick fix until I get all of Pierce's b'day pics together and posted! I can't believe tomorrow is her first birthday.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Tons of fun

Pierce has had the most fun outside.  She LOVES it.  The picture in the pink coat was that cold snap we had a couple weeks ago, before it warmed back up again.  The rest are from the Botanical Gardens with my photography class today.  She was having so much fun with a classmate's little girl, but her lips and hands were turning blue by the time we left.  

Friday, November 7, 2008

Little bug

There are 4 things to notice about this entry.  
1- wow she's adorable
2- that dress is marvelous.  I got it from Gap on sale.  My cousin Sarah is always putting her girls in these cute sweater outfits and I love them.
3- Our bug is looking like a bug 
4- She got her 1st skinned knee Thursday at Emi's!  But it didn't slow her down a bit :)

Three's Company

There is so rarely a picture of the 3 of us... and I really like this one. It kinda captures the essence of us.

I usually find Emi and Pierce having some kind of fun.  I think this was an especially fun day!


This is Pierce's new favorite thing to do in the mornings.  It IS a pretty view.

Monday, November 3, 2008


My child loves rocks. And acorns. She's finally stopped putting every SINGLE one in her mouth, and will even spit them out when I catch her with one. Momma Dooba and Pierce and I had a very eventful trip to Guntersville with my photography class Sunday. Halloween was a blast... we went to my cousin Sarah's party and then came home where Pierce played with her cousin Isaac and Bana. Peter and I went to a grown-up party and then one of us went dancing. Can you guess who? :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

AVPC Fall Festival

Tonight marked the start of Pierce's 1st Halloween! We went to our church's fall festival. It was a lot of fun. Pierce was a ballerina, Peter was a soccer coach, I was a slightly plump mom (just look at the picture for proof.) We thought she looked PERFECT!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

And again with the busy excuse

I get so tired of people saying "i'm just so busy!" However, I am!! What with the job, ballet job, portraits, wedding photog biz, baby girl, husband and house, there just wasn't time for the blog last week. So here's the update.

I have a new baby. An iMac computer!! I just couldn't do the photo editing, or photo viewing that was necessary for the type of business I'm getting into. I'm in love.

Last weekend we played with Pierce's friend (Robert and Mariela's little girl) Ximena. Pierce was fascinated by her mouth and kept sticking her finger in it. Then she gave her a kiss. They were really cute together! This week George and Brittany came home... for GOOD!!!! We are having the best time. We've seen them everyday and I think it still feels like a visit. I know they love me, but Pierce certainly steals their affection. Between Momma Dooba, Big Dooba, Aunt Brittany and Uncle George, I hardly have to watch Pierce at all. Here are some extremely terrible pics of Pierce and Ximena.

Pierce will be a ballerina for Halloween. We're going to our church fall festival tomorrow and my cousins neighborhood party on Friday, but won't be trick or treating. We know who will be eating THAT candy. His teeth and my waistline certainly don't need that.

update on the grown-ups:

Peter's soccer season is over, however is doing extra practices for his team. He hardly has time to breath between school projects and a nagging wife. He is so adorable with Pierce and she just adores him. He gets more kisses than I do :(

I have had several photo shoots with families around town lately and I really appreciate all the referrals ya'll have given me! (Kate Sawyer, you gave me one and don't even know it!) I am working hard on the launch of the new wedding photography business a friend and I are starting and trying to keep my job in the mortgage industry alive too. It's no secret that business is way down, so I'm just hoping my job will still be around in a year.