Friday, May 7, 2010

Fridays Off

Today is my first Friday off for the summer. Since ballet is over, I've moved my off day from the day I teach ballet to Fridays. I forgot how very wonderful it is. Today Pierce and I went to McCallum Park in Vestavia, formerly Little Shades Creek Park. I needed to take some photos for a magazine, but thought it a great opportunity to play also. It was D.E.L.ightful. It started like this:

Fully clothed, picnic on a lovely rock. Quickly moved to the playground. Here she, of course, made friends with some "kids."
Oh my heavens, what is THIS?? Water??? Or perhaps heaven?
I'll just hold my dress up so I don't get wet.
Nevermind, that's WAY too much trouble. I'm just taking the blasted thing off.
and splashing!!! WEEEEE!!!
And we're done.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Putu's Room

I'm fairly certain that at 30 weeks pregnant with Pierce, her nursery was at least ALMOST finished. This is not the case with Putu. Here is a pic of her room a few weeks ago, as we started tearing it apart. Here it is after Sunday, when my wonderful wonderful mother finished painting it:The walls look fabulous, but the room is still a big, huge disaster (look in the reflection of the tv to see around the corner.) Hopefully this will start to change after the yard sale Saturday. It's a neighborhood yard sale (Lakeshore Estates,) with at least 10 houses participating, so come on by!

However... her bedding arrived Friday!!! I got it from Tiptoe Studios on Etsy and I think it's so beautiful!! It's got me pretty excited. 70 days til her due date (so go ahead and think 80 :) )