Sunday, December 28, 2008


Little Pierce's Christmas was busy, full of family, and really fun! Here are some glimpses into her/our happy holiday...

Warm-up from her Daddy

The Stegalls!

Uncle Joel and Cousin Isaac

She made this face a lot this season

Lovin on Cousin Isaac

She kept retreating to this spot with her gifts.

Liking what she found in the stocking

What's in this thing?

Mama Ann's b'day

Waiting for Santa

I still have some more from the Gamble's and Christmas Eve in general, PLUS the very exciting Santa pic. Stand by.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Homewood Parade

We went to the Homewood Christmas parade this Saturday. We considered not going because it was going to be cold and the point seems to be to get candy, which I don't let Pierce have much of. However, you can see below that Pierce LOVED it. She was hysterical. Stared open mouthed, waived like she was part of the parade and tried to walk out into and with the parade. There was also some dancing. SO cute and fun!

Two days before this pic I had a conversation with a friend where I said, "NO I don't let her have suckers." Hmmm, looks like a sucker to me. I'm getting soft!

here she is gettin down!