Sunday, October 26, 2008

AVPC Fall Festival

Tonight marked the start of Pierce's 1st Halloween! We went to our church's fall festival. It was a lot of fun. Pierce was a ballerina, Peter was a soccer coach, I was a slightly plump mom (just look at the picture for proof.) We thought she looked PERFECT!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

And again with the busy excuse

I get so tired of people saying "i'm just so busy!" However, I am!! What with the job, ballet job, portraits, wedding photog biz, baby girl, husband and house, there just wasn't time for the blog last week. So here's the update.

I have a new baby. An iMac computer!! I just couldn't do the photo editing, or photo viewing that was necessary for the type of business I'm getting into. I'm in love.

Last weekend we played with Pierce's friend (Robert and Mariela's little girl) Ximena. Pierce was fascinated by her mouth and kept sticking her finger in it. Then she gave her a kiss. They were really cute together! This week George and Brittany came home... for GOOD!!!! We are having the best time. We've seen them everyday and I think it still feels like a visit. I know they love me, but Pierce certainly steals their affection. Between Momma Dooba, Big Dooba, Aunt Brittany and Uncle George, I hardly have to watch Pierce at all. Here are some extremely terrible pics of Pierce and Ximena.

Pierce will be a ballerina for Halloween. We're going to our church fall festival tomorrow and my cousins neighborhood party on Friday, but won't be trick or treating. We know who will be eating THAT candy. His teeth and my waistline certainly don't need that.

update on the grown-ups:

Peter's soccer season is over, however is doing extra practices for his team. He hardly has time to breath between school projects and a nagging wife. He is so adorable with Pierce and she just adores him. He gets more kisses than I do :(

I have had several photo shoots with families around town lately and I really appreciate all the referrals ya'll have given me! (Kate Sawyer, you gave me one and don't even know it!) I am working hard on the launch of the new wedding photography business a friend and I are starting and trying to keep my job in the mortgage industry alive too. It's no secret that business is way down, so I'm just hoping my job will still be around in a year.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

We're Walking, We're Walking

It's happened. She's walking. Still not her primary mode of transportation, but getting closer each moment. She has added broccoli and mango to her food repertoire. She and I have been playing in the yard a lot lately, and when I can get her away from the rose bush for a moment, she loves bubbles! And she can say it :) So, we've got ball, bird, dog, mama, dada, bubble. Oh and "abm." We don't know what it means, but clearly she does. It is usually said with gusto! She also gives kisses now and will "wink" with both eyes at the same time if you ask her to.

This is her new favorite game... throw every book off the book shelf and then crawl/walk/sit/stand all over them as she selects the next one to look at.

BIG giggle:

A wink and a walk

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Pierce at the Pumpkin Patch

Have you noticed that I absolutely adore alliteration? Ha ha! This weekend was a BLAST. Both of my sisters came into town and we spent almost the whole time together. We just won't talk about the Auburn game.

NEWS FLASH: George and Brittany are moving back this month!! My brilliant sister-in-law got a job at Alabama Power and is making it possible for them to come back!! Wa-hoo!! AND my cousin Will and his family are moving back to the US from Singapore in January :)

Today Peter and Pierce and I went to the Mountain Brook Baptist Pumpkin Patch. Pierce thought she was in a "ball" patch and was in heaven. She liked it even more than I thought she would. There was also a little carnival and they begged to paint her feet like ballet shoes. Who knew those feet could get even cuter!!??

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

War Eagle!

Pierce went to her 1st Auburn tailgate last weekend for the Auburn/Tennessee game. She was very in the spirit, with her shaker... and she even did some dancing! The video is below. I apologize that you'll have to turn your head sideways to watch it.

She is always cute in the bathtub and has started putting her face down in it and blowing bubbles. There is just a LITTLE peep at the bubbles and a bigger peep at the booty. No denying she's a Stegall. The adorable pic with the towel on her head is when she's excited at the beginning of the Auburn/LSU game. Thank goodness she was asleep when the sad loss finally happened. She was naked because Emi arrived and Pierce was so excited that she wouldn't stay in the tub OR let me get her dressed.

She has taken as many as 4 steps on several occasions now, but mainly still crawls and cruises. She'll go back and forth around the jumparoo (pictured) forever. Tonight she ate her dinner at 6, my dinner at 7 and Peter's at 7:40. It consisted of: green beans, brown and wild rice, strawberries, crackers, roast, green bean casserole, toast, pork chop and capers. What a gourmet piglet!