Monday, September 21, 2009

President Vicente Fox

I'm obsessed with photography, did you know? The big ole camera gets you some privileges, like busting through eager crowds at a wedding reception so that you can be at the VERY front, walking down the aisle DURING the wedding, getting people out of your way for a shot in a busy area... but last weekend, I definitely experienced the coolest perk thus far.

Hagen's BFF, Lindsey Stewart, works for a man named Randy Wilhelm. He was hosting a fundraising event for former Mexican President Vicente Fox's organization and she hired ME to be the official photographer.

As I was shooting furiously, one of the guests offered to take my picture with him. I really should have fixed myself up a little to meet an entire country's former president, PLUS a former Alabama Governor, Jim Folsom. Geez. Nothing like a blaring picture of your frump to teach you a lesson. But still, a pretty awesome moment. Here's how our conversation went:
H: "I'm Hillary."
Pres: "I know someone else with your name."
H: "Ah yes, she spells it right."
Pres: "I really admire her."
H: "I've never met her."
Pres: "ha ha ha!"