Friday, March 13, 2009

Spring in Winter

Remember when it was so nice and warm the 1st time? Or maybe it was the 2nd? It was February. We were at my parents' house and it was so very lovely. Everyone but Grace was home (although Aunt Dee Dee, you weren't in town either?) We had the lovliest day playing outside, blowing bubbles, playing the harmonica, playing ball and frisbee. Here is the documentation of that day on this cold day.


A few weeks ago (before it got warm, then cold, then warm, then cold again,) Uncle George hung up the swing I got for Pierce's birthday present in November. She thinks it is so much fun!!!! Everytime we look out the window she says "oh!" And gets so excited. Thanks Uncle George.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow Day!

Well, the snow loves Pierce. It's the second year of her life that she's seen snow and she's only been alive during two years. She was so funny- loved it, but would just hit a wall where she must have realized she was cold and couldn't take it anymore. She would cry and scream and throw her head back until I got her inside and distracted her with something. We didn't have gloves for her so we tried socks, Daddy's gloves, Dooba's gloves... all kinds of things. She LOVES ice. And says it so cute "eye-sh." So when she discovered that snow WAS ice she was just thrilled.