Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Santa Claus, Year 3

You may recall that last year's Santa visit wasn't ideal. Pierce was quite afraid of this large man. The picture is pretty much her tonsils, with a jolly man smiling and holding her calmly.

This year was totally different!! She walked right up, gave him a huge hug and sat in his lap. She told him she wanted a lollipop for Christmas. The rest of the mall visit, she stayed in jewelry stores. While Peter and I ate, she dragged Ooba to 2 different jewelry stores and just sat at the counter admiring the sparkle. This cannot be good.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Tree Chop

My family's favorite tradition is heading to a Christmas tree farm and choosing the PERFECT tree for our homes. Brittany and George, Peter, Pierce and I, Ooba and Grandpapa and Hagen and Grace all go. It's so much fun. Here's the day.

apple juice
helping Daddy saw
helping Daddy drag
We have a tradition where my dad pushes my mom down on the freshly chopped tree. It's hysterical every time!Here is where Pierce seems to want to BE the tree.

That's right. Three trees on top of my car. Livin' on the edge people.

And then we decorated...
And had a dance party. Usually the way it goes.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Pierce is 2

Well somehow it's happened. She's hit the big 'ole 2 year mark. She does seem to have stronger opinions more often, but she also understands the naughty spot, and it is a deterrent most days. We still stare in wonder and discuss how very in trouble we will be with other children because you cannot surely get this lucky twice.

Onto the fun...
We had a "Twinkle, Twinkle little star party" the week before her actual birthday. (Since her birthday is Thankgiving/Iron bowl week and we do want actual PEOPLE at her party.) My favorite sisters came and helped me and Peter get it together and everything turned out wonderfully! When Pierce woke from her nap, a few guests had already arrived so it was a great and exciting start. Our WONDERFUL friends the Adrians had already arrived and set up the jumpy jump and things just got better from there. Almost all the food was star shaped, there were star cookie-suckers to decorate and a huge star cake from Edgars (thanks to my wondermous in-laws.) Lots of fun gifts to draw her away from the TV, which is a growing struggle. The only bad part, well one of two, was when she realized the jumpy jump had been taken down. You would have thought they told her she never got to see me again. She was WAILING!!! "I WANT MA JUMPY-JUMP!!!" So sad. But don't worry, she did survive.

Here are some pics of all the fun. More catch-up posts to come!

Sisters drawing stars...

PBJ and quesadilla stars...
The amazing Adrian fam putting up the jumpy jump and the "decorating tent..."She loves Isaac, he's not quite as into the hugging.
Brittany, "dee dee," made star halos for everyone!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Pigtails and Overalls

Not much to say about life at the moment, except that it's filled with this kind of cuteness.