Monday, August 25, 2008

The Floor Won

Everyone's child falls off the bed. All the stories I've heard happened around 6-7 months, when the baby has just begun to roll. So, since Pierce is nearly 9 months old, we're out of danger. Right? I was feeling, perhaps, just a hair proud. My pride hit the floor with a thud (literally) on Sunday morning. We were about to check out of our hotel in Auburn, when it happened. Pierce dove off the bed. Here is her poor little face afterward :( Other than a bit of rug burn, she's a-ok.

She is VERY proficient at saying the word "ball," although it's very southern and kind of rapper-like... "Baw." Here is a video of that, too. She just says it once at the beginning (she is not a circus monkey) so listen closely!

The Auburn Hotel and Conference Center has recently updated their rooms, and have extremely nice showers now, but no tubs. Pierce seemed to like it. She really liked wiping the steam from the door.

Her 1st Findley's experience!!


Erin Stephenson said...

Oh my gosh, Reid fell off the bed at our hotel in Memphis this weekend - it was so scary but he seems fine (and has matching rug burn).

Grin-n-Barrett said...

Baw. Baw. Baw.....baw. Baw. Baw. BAW!


Heather said...

What a little smartie pants!!!