Thursday, September 30, 2010

Summer Ends and School Begins

I'm thrilled with the cooler weather, but I always feel a little sad putting away Pierce's clothes at the end of each season. It means she's growing up. And while there are certainly phases I would like to move through quickly, I love having my babies be babies. I make it a goal each day not to wish moments away. I tend to look to what's next so often, and I don't want to look back and realize I missed the happy moments I had right then.

We begin with Adelaide's first well-baby visit. She was perfect, of course.
This was our last super hot trip to the park before school (Mother's Day Out) started for Miss Pierce. We have so much fun at the park when Daddy goes!

I forgot to take my camera when I dropped her OFF, but this is what I found when I picked her up :)

Mrs. Rivers told me she is so grown up. She makes sure the other kids remember the rules (bossy.) She is a VERY precise painter. I have a wonderful picture she painted of a gumball machine and ALL the gumballs are in the machine. Mrs. Rivers said no one else's were. This made me happy because my cousin Jenny told a story once about how VERY precise her eldest daughter Annie was at school and I find Annie to be just about as delightful as they come. So if Pierce is going to follow in her footsteps, I'm for it.

Here are some funny things Pierce says:
Blueblerries and spawberries
Carra me (instead of Carry me)
I told her the shirt she was wearing said "buzzy" and she said, "No it doesn't. It says 'Dear Pierce, this is your very first blue shirt.'"
When she's mad and she means to say "NOTHING" she says "ANYTHING." Par example- "Pierce what do you want to wear to bed?" "ANYTHING!!"

Sunday, September 26, 2010

War Eagle!!

This Saturday, we took Adelaide on her first Auburn tailgating trip! George, Brittany, me, Pierce, Adelaide and Ooba headed out Saturday morning and had a grand trip down to Grace's house. Grandpapa came with some friends a little later, poor Hagen was in Las Vegas for a wedding and that party pooper Peter was just home doing his own thing. It was just too much fun, too much food, delightful day!

I bought these cute outfits at the Little Lavender in-person sale and had my friend Amy Strong do these cute appliques on! Loving it.
Little bit of the crazy eyes by Pierce here :)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Railroad Park

If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you know that I'm wildly impressed with the new Railroad Park downtown. It's so awesome. It feels like you're not in B'ham all of a sudden. I hope it stays as beautiful as it was as this opening weekend, and that you go often!

It's 8 blocks of beauty. There is an amphiteater, a big hill that they show movies on, a playground, a walking track all the way around, a catering kitchen, nice bathrooms, a skate park area, a work out section and of course the green grass and creek/ponds/lakes throughout. You can see the trains rolling in and out, airplanes ascending from the airport and the skyline. There is a Domino's Pizza across the street and the ice cream truck was there, much to Pierce's delight, both of the times we were this weekend. B & A Warehouse, which is across the street, also has a lunch bistro in the covered area everyday with fresh, seasonal meals! We didn't try that this weekend, but maybe soon. There is wi-fi throughout and super friendly security folks on bicycle,
golf cart and even segway patrolling all the time.

Head on down!!

This little creek flows all the way down one side.

You're welcome to play in it! But not in the ponds and lakes.

As the sun is setting.
Pierce as "king of the hill" in one of the play areas.
This fella could just jump right over the posts!

Adelaide wasn't sure...But then she liked it :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Talented People

My mom and her friend Chrissy colaborated to make these SUPER cute burp cloths. Don't you think they should start a business? Etsy shop or SOMETHING? Let me know your orders so I can convince them. I LOVE these.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

So Much To Say

There is so much to tell you. Since I blogged last I've had a child, left a job, gotten a new car, new phone, let a nanny go, husband has a new job, new ballet year has started, turned 31, Pierce started Mother's Day Out and... maybe that got it all.

Besides having a beautiful girl named Adelaide and being a stay at homer now (besides ballet and photography!) my favorite event of the last few months was the lake trip for Labor Day. Since I was so pregnant at 4th of July, I had to miss out on my family's annual lake trip. It's as big a deal as Christmas in our family. So my whole sweet family agreed to go again for me :)

This is a very photo heavy post. Here's how it went:

Relaxing on the porch

An Adelaide series I love.

Played "take 2" on the porch while drinking red wine
This made everyone happy
Pierce series I love

Admired George and the blue/green contrast of sky/trees
Played in the slightly chilly water
Watched THIS
Wow, she loves Ooba so much
Went on a walk down the road and watched Pierce lay down in it.
Watched the Auburn game on the porch
Fly down the field...
We MAY have all broken into the fight song and Pierce LOVED it.

I love the lake. The end.