Thursday, July 1, 2010

Pierce, Trains, and lots of Photos

Today I had a photo shoot with some friends out at Ross Bridge. Peter and Pierce came along to play and hang out. She started out pretty clean and left FILTHY, with a few bloody places, and happy as could be. Here are a LOT of photos because I couldn't choose.
She loves to assume the racer position and say, "On your marks, get set, GO!"
We had been telling her there was a train... here is the excitement when we finally saw it.
She loved climbing on the little wooden train set. This one is such a typical Pierce face right now.

Looking at fish with Daddy.
Next we headed up to the train tracks. We hadn't been exploring/shooting for long, when we heard a train a'comin.
She LOVED it.

She also loved this bagpipe player. She was quite distressed when she "couldn't see him very well" when we got in the car. And at bed time she said several times "I wish I could give the bagpiper a hug and a kiss."

As we left the area she declared, "I want to be a conductor AND a bagpiper." Pierce, you may be whatever you wish.