Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Putu Has a Name...

But you still don't get to know it. Aren't we mean and horrible?

Peter and I, after much pressure and pleading from some family members, decided that we would tell our families her name. Since I have c-sections, I don't get to see their reaction when Peter takes the baby out to meet them.

I put together a simple game where they each got 2 cards with 2 letters of her name, both 1st and middle. They had to work together as a team to figure out what the letters spelled. Ooba made sure she understood the rules. Everyone got excited. Hagen claimed the job of team leader (in action, not in word.) Here is the reaction when they figured it out... I think they like it :)


Emalee said...

Google reader sent me two versions of this posting and now I know Putu's name too :). I wanted her first name for Alice, good thing we didn't choose the same one. Can't wait to hear more news soon.

Heather said...

You stinker! I was so excited when I saw the title of this post!!