Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Lost New Year's Entry

Remember when I told you I found some pictures I forgot to blog? Here's the next installment. New Years at the BEACH!!! How could I forget this? It was wonderful wonderful. Pierce, Peter, Grace and I headed down and stayed most of the week. Hagen and Momma arrived for the weekend and the actual New Year's Eve festivities. Pierce LOVES the beach. We're going next week and she just can't seem to quit talking about it.

I still maintain that pigtails are the cutest things ever.

The girls headed to a fancy dinner at Cafe 30-A while sweet Peter stayed in with Pierce. I don't even remember what all we ate (although it was delicious and Ooba took pics of everything.) The main memories are that they were out of creme brulee, which I was most looking forward to and this lady. She was sitting a couple of tables away in a nearly backless dress having a grand old time on a date. I believe it was one of their birthdays. She, feeling quite toasty and friendly by now, made the rounds and took pictures of each table near her. When she got to us she said, "Ya'll are so cute! What are you celebrating?" Did I mention that we had HUGE "Happy New Year" hats on, as did most people around us? We didn't know WHAT to say!
We got back to the condo a bit before midnight and watched a really awesome fireworks show that was coming from a barge in front of Seaside. We had a great view and it didn't even wake Pierce or Peter!