Sunday, March 28, 2010

Headed to the Beach again

We had a wonderful spring break at the beach. The first day or two were a little rough, but things improved significantly after I laid down the law for the 2-year-old (and her daddy.) The weather was gorgeous one day, cloudy and cold the next, gorgeous but windy the next, etc. We all came home a little sun-kissed, to freezing winter weather in Birmingham.

Pierce really LOVES the beach. She's so independent and happy there. She made friends with every child within a 25 yard radius, regardless of age. At one point, she had 2 young teenage girls jumping over waves every time she said jump! My favorite was a little girl named Vivian, probably 10-years-old, who Pierce called "embeyond" the whole time.

She borrowed this purse from some new friends and prissed around on the beach for so long. With her arm up like this.
Here she is with all her friends.
Ring-around-the-Rosy with some friends we met 1 minute ago.
This is one of her new friends. He kissed her first and she just latched right on. We have had to have talks in the past about waving to friends instead of kissing them upon first meeting. So this fella was her dream come true.
Random shot of handsome husband. Trisha and Cash came for a few days mid-week and Pierce LOVED having him there. And I will never complain about having Trisha near.

This is Pierce lovingly admiring something silly Cash was doing. I love the expression. It kinda makes my heart hurt. Flying her kite. Isn't she coy?

So Zen flying her kite.
Heather and James came to play for the last weekend and we all had the loveliest, laid back time. The day we were leaving, the wind was UNREAL. Peter had to park the car sideways in the parking lot to get it loaded without everything blowing away. His pillow did indeed end up in a flower bed. We couldn't let Pierce walk for fear that she would blow away and she thought it was hysterical. Yelled "Whoa" over and over while laughing hysterically. Notice the debris on my camera lens in the first pic and the flag blowing in the 2nd. Not to mention the waves.


Erin Stephenson said...

Could you please come exercise your "lay down the law" muscles with my 2 YO? I haven't quite cracked that nut. ;)

Lacey said...

Pierce is just too cool--already macking on dudes! haha

Grin-n-Barrett said...

She likes to greet doggies with a kiss on the lips as well. And of course, she and Abbey("i love my puppy" she says) share hugs and kisses all day long.