Sunday, May 3, 2009

We Love Homewood

Several years ago, maybe even before some of us were married, my dear friends Erin Kendrick and Kelly Purcell Dorough and I met every Tuesday morning at 6:30 for Bible Study and chick-fil-a. I should pause to allow you to pick your jaws up off the ground at this statement, as you know that I don't do mornings. But all through high school and for several years after college, this was a standing appointment. And I loved it. (Side note- the chicken biscuits are AMAZING when fresh at 6:30.) We invited a newer, but also dear friend, named Taylor Killian. We scared her. The love we linguistically lavished on our fair town, Homewood, was just too much for her. Especially Kelly's passion. And then came the part that REALLY shocked her... there is a DAY. We Love Homewood Day. She moved soon after this revelation.

This weekend we began Pierce's indoctrination. We attended We Love Homewood Day and it was so nice. Not too hot, not too crowded. Pierce is always happy if there is something to jump on, so it was just delightful. Here is some documentation.

Jumpy jumpy jumpy

dancing, a very normal occurance

What's THAT???

uh-oh... is she slowing down?

watermelon punch??? oh ooba, you're the best

a rare pic of the whole fam

and we're done.


Mary Brocato said...

HA. So funny that you scared Taylor away! I love homewod too. It does seem strange there's a day dedicated to it, now that I think about it,

Erin Stephenson said...

I distinctly remember that exact conversation with Taylor! Many of my college friends found WLH day vexing/perplexing as well, but we really do love it, don't we?

I miss our Chick-fil-A meetings - although I am not advocating getting them going again.

Taylor said...

Holy Cow you have quite the memory!!!!! I totally remember that now!!! You crack me up friend. I'm so glad Pierce is now partaking in the strange holiday/grown-up-clique-fest. Hee hee hee. Oh to live close to friends would be heavenly! I would sooooo celebrate if I could :)