Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Beach

Pierce loves the beach... the first day there she woke at 6:30 (after going to bed at midnight due to a late arrival) and recalled that Papa (my dad) had said he would get up with her in the morning. So at 6:30 she bellows "PAPA! BEACH!! PAPA!" And he did it. I should mention she did this every morning at some point between 6 and 7. Ooba, Papa and Daddy are such troopers. Mommy enjoyed sleeping instead. Here are some of my faves from the weekend. It was hard to choose. What's not cute about a baby girl at the beach?

Here she got Ooba to style her hair the way Dede(Brittany) does hers.

One of her favorite things is to "Boom." She jumps into the air and lands on her booty. Usually it's on our bed. Here it's in a puddle.

I feel like she's posing here. She's a model, clearly.


Erin Stephenson said...

I like the "baywatch-running" photo. :)

Kate said...

I LOVE the boom picture. Isaac does the same thing too.

Amanda said...

I love these pictures! Pierce is so beautiful

Mary Brocato said...

I like the model shot. Just like beyonce would've done it.

Margie said...

Those are great pics hillary! She is soo cute!!