Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Zoo

I finally took Pierce to the zoo this weekend! It was her first trip. Emi wanted to take her MONTHS ago and I meekly asked if she would wait until I could take her 1st. I'm so demanding. Peter is at a soccer tournament in Destin, my ballet recital was this morning and Grace came to town today. Grace, Pierce and I headed to the zoo and had a blast. After a brief but loud fit at the flamingo cage (she really wanted to climb in and was outraged that we wouldn't allow it) it was a success. We saw lazy kangaroos and a slumbering alligator, animated monkeys (p's fave,) birds, and sea lions (my fave.) I hadn't been to the zoo since the children's section had been added and Pierce was SO funny looking for the water that would randomly shoot up at her! Did I mention that she wouldn't stop trying to drink it? All of the super-classy people at the zoo thought it was hysterical. It was a proud moment.


Grin-n-Barrett said...

I love very Piercey. She is such fun these days (not like she hasn't always been fun!). I love watching her explore her world.
I bet she called the flamingos "hey, baybeees" in her perfect Southern accent.

I love you, Piercey Poot.

Erin Stephenson said...

So happy you are done with the recital! I've been thinking about you, and would love to see you guys and P if your schedule is a bit ligther these days.

Lacey said...

I love Pierce!

Mary Brocato said...

What a darling dress! Fletch gets all worked up about the flamingos too.