Friday, January 2, 2009

More holiday fun

Here are some more of our fun holiday activities. We went ice skating with the whole Stegall family. And some more of Christmas.

She can say "ho, ho" and really liked this particular ho ho at the Apple store.

So cool. Even at 1.

Ice skating with Uncle George

I think they were excited about presents.

I made a book of our blog for Peter for Christmas. This is not ours. It's the Porters. They live in PA and got our book. We're awaiting the swap. It was a great holiday story. :)

She's excited to be a Tiger cheerleader

She loves Cash's little chair.

This quesadilla was REALLY good.


Brooke Maedel said...

What is it about pictures of babies with food on their faces that is so cute? Whatever it is, she's got it. Actually they are all cute. I love all the ones of her at the park! So much fun to keep up with you guys, and how big she's getting! Brooke

Margie said...

Please tell me how you made a book out of your blog journals. email me. thanks! So glad that you guys had a great holiday season!