Friday, January 9, 2009

Kitchen fun

My little daughter loves all things kitchen... food and drinks of course, but she gets really excited when we open the fridge. She likes to rummage around and take things out. She also loves to watch me cook. Peter often holds her so she can watch me chop or stir. If he doesn't we get to listen to lots of whining.

I was wearing my new apron the other day and she really wanted it. So, I put one on her too. And we did some very important stirring.

And when I turned around to see what she had found in the fridge the other day, this is what we saw.


Grin-n-Barrett said...

Here at my house, Pierce knows which stool I grab for her to watch me work in the kitchen...Such moments bring back memories of "helping" my grandmother in the kitchen and help me appreciate even more the time my Momo took with such busy lil body.

Pierce is a blessing to the entire Barrett family and all those who come in contact with her in our home (She can charm the most tattoo'd, pierced, black hooded rocker...but that is a story for another day ;))...thank you for sharing her with us.


Erin Stephenson said...

Are you going to let her do whipped cream shots next? Because I imagine that might be mighty picture-worthy!

hagen said...

mmm. DELISH!