Sunday, October 12, 2008

We're Walking, We're Walking

It's happened. She's walking. Still not her primary mode of transportation, but getting closer each moment. She has added broccoli and mango to her food repertoire. She and I have been playing in the yard a lot lately, and when I can get her away from the rose bush for a moment, she loves bubbles! And she can say it :) So, we've got ball, bird, dog, mama, dada, bubble. Oh and "abm." We don't know what it means, but clearly she does. It is usually said with gusto! She also gives kisses now and will "wink" with both eyes at the same time if you ask her to.

This is her new favorite game... throw every book off the book shelf and then crawl/walk/sit/stand all over them as she selects the next one to look at.

BIG giggle:

A wink and a walk


Margie said...

Hey Hillary~ haven't talked to you in awhile.Pierce is a doll. I checked out your photography blog and I was impressed. I was wondering what your prices were and how I can contact you. I hope that you, Peter, and Pierce are doing well. Love, Margie "Wiggs" Davenport

The Third One said...

hey! she is precious! LOVE the wink! and the giggle. We need to have a girls night!! later! -KT

Erin Stephenson said...

Just get ready for the walking! It is so funny but it's also the cause of a lot of head wounds. Would love to see you guys soon! :)

Kate said...

Pretty soon she will be running, running!