Wednesday, October 1, 2008

War Eagle!

Pierce went to her 1st Auburn tailgate last weekend for the Auburn/Tennessee game. She was very in the spirit, with her shaker... and she even did some dancing! The video is below. I apologize that you'll have to turn your head sideways to watch it.

She is always cute in the bathtub and has started putting her face down in it and blowing bubbles. There is just a LITTLE peep at the bubbles and a bigger peep at the booty. No denying she's a Stegall. The adorable pic with the towel on her head is when she's excited at the beginning of the Auburn/LSU game. Thank goodness she was asleep when the sad loss finally happened. She was naked because Emi arrived and Pierce was so excited that she wouldn't stay in the tub OR let me get her dressed.

She has taken as many as 4 steps on several occasions now, but mainly still crawls and cruises. She'll go back and forth around the jumparoo (pictured) forever. Tonight she ate her dinner at 6, my dinner at 7 and Peter's at 7:40. It consisted of: green beans, brown and wild rice, strawberries, crackers, roast, green bean casserole, toast, pork chop and capers. What a gourmet piglet!


Grin-n-Barrett said...

I love that cute lil girl! :)

War Eagle!


Jenny said...

Oh!!!! War Eagle!!! What a cutie!!

Roll Bama Roll said...

Can't wait 'til we take her to her first Bama game. :)