Sunday, September 19, 2010

Railroad Park

If you follow me on twitter or facebook, you know that I'm wildly impressed with the new Railroad Park downtown. It's so awesome. It feels like you're not in B'ham all of a sudden. I hope it stays as beautiful as it was as this opening weekend, and that you go often!

It's 8 blocks of beauty. There is an amphiteater, a big hill that they show movies on, a playground, a walking track all the way around, a catering kitchen, nice bathrooms, a skate park area, a work out section and of course the green grass and creek/ponds/lakes throughout. You can see the trains rolling in and out, airplanes ascending from the airport and the skyline. There is a Domino's Pizza across the street and the ice cream truck was there, much to Pierce's delight, both of the times we were this weekend. B & A Warehouse, which is across the street, also has a lunch bistro in the covered area everyday with fresh, seasonal meals! We didn't try that this weekend, but maybe soon. There is wi-fi throughout and super friendly security folks on bicycle,
golf cart and even segway patrolling all the time.

Head on down!!

This little creek flows all the way down one side.

You're welcome to play in it! But not in the ponds and lakes.

As the sun is setting.
Pierce as "king of the hill" in one of the play areas.
This fella could just jump right over the posts!

Adelaide wasn't sure...But then she liked it :)


Erin said...

I *heart* the park - let's play again soon there! If you ever need to get out one afternoon, let me know and we'll meet you there.