Monday, January 18, 2010

Elefun Fun

Have you ever played Elefun? It's an adorable game where a little elephant blows butterflies out of his trunk and the kiddos catch the butterflies with a net. Pierce has played it at our friend Cash's house and loved it! I always have trouble getting her in the car as we leave Emi's house, so today I had a flash of genius and asked her if she'd like to MAKE the game at our house. She was in the car in NO time and after a little construction, we had so much fun! She's obsessed with "shows" (tv shows) and we're trying to limit the amount she watches. This is very hard in the cold weather we've been having. I can tell you that our homemade Elefun fun was the longest she's gone without asking for a show in ages!!! Yay for creativity!

Also, did I mention Baby #2 will be here in July? I don't know who knows!

Please notice the pink butterfly flying over her head and the one taking off of her hand. Success!!! She liked this better than catching them.


laura said...

This is so adorable. Way to be creative! Congrats on baby #2.

Lisa Marie said...

Great idea - thanks! We have played with it a speech to motivate...gotta get me a homemade Elefun now!

Grin-n-Barrett said...

I recognize that My Little Pony band-aid on EPG's imaginary boo boo ;)

Viki said...

Hi. What did you make the butterflies out of? I can't tell. Thanks.