Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Tree Chop

My family's favorite tradition is heading to a Christmas tree farm and choosing the PERFECT tree for our homes. Brittany and George, Peter, Pierce and I, Ooba and Grandpapa and Hagen and Grace all go. It's so much fun. Here's the day.

apple juice
helping Daddy saw
helping Daddy drag
We have a tradition where my dad pushes my mom down on the freshly chopped tree. It's hysterical every time!Here is where Pierce seems to want to BE the tree.

That's right. Three trees on top of my car. Livin' on the edge people.

And then we decorated...
And had a dance party. Usually the way it goes.


Lacey said...

I heart Pierce! What a fun day! The only thing cooler would have been if Britt and G had strapped their tree to the top of the mini van!

Margie said...

LOVE it Hillary! She is a doll! What farm do you go to? I want to start that next year with Cooper. I got my tree from Marvin's this year, it is dead, and I am taking it back today for a new one. UHH!

lsyoung said...

Looks like it was a pretty day for your traditional tree finding expedition- what great memories:-). Thanks for sharing.