Thursday, October 1, 2009

My Perfect Party

I turned 30 about a month and a half ago. Weird. Not too terrible, as I am quite happy with myself and where I am in life. Mostly. So, no problem with being so old :)

My best friend, Trisha, prodded me along in deciding what we should do for my big bash. We had a party at Rojo on Highland Ave. I highly recommend it! We rented the party room, Trisha got a fabulous Edgar's cake and came up with festive and matching decor, and Ashleigh created the perfect playlist for the dancing part of the evening.

It was PERFECT!!! Most of my nearest and dearest people were there, including all my siblings and sis-in-law, my parents and all of my husbands fam, except the mom-in-law.

Trisha and I acted like it was prom all day (and for a few months before!) We had manicures, pedicures, and makeup done and I had my hair done. We went shopping and found the perfect dresses. I was a princess. And one that had a LOT more fun than I did at prom, because this time I liked me :)

Here are some wonderful images of the evening, taken mostly by my talented sister and great friend Kelly.

Can you tell by the faces that Peter is being inappropriate and I have no idea?

2 of my oldest and dearest friends
This is the man responsible for the hairstyle that night. If you've known me long, you've heard me talk about "my hair guy, Mark." Pretty isn't he?

The music/dancing guru, Ashleigh
Hagen, Brittany and Lacey with KILLER dance moves!!
Grace spilled a drink on me. This is not surprising.
I wish you could have seen Brittany's dance moves! They were amazing!

Isn't my best friend gorgeous? Look for her in Portico magazine in January!!!
There were supposed to be 2 balloons. A "3" and an "0."
Only the "0" made it to the party :)