Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's been awhile

There has been so much going on that blogging has NOT been going on. Here is a quick overview...

I returned from Boston Tuesday evening after a 5-day trip with Hagen and John Ellis. He was shooting some of their friends' wedding and asked me to come along! We made a great team. I hope to post some of those photos soon. We toured all around and even got to catch a lunch with our dear cousins Will and Jenny Stegall (who are hard to catch!!) We stayed several nights at our cousins Emalee and Mark Holmes apartment, which I highly recommend. It smells like someone just baked snickerdoodles and the sheets are so soft. It also just happens to be beautiful and the nicest house on the street. It's probably not nice for THEM to brag about their crib, but I can! Here are a few Boston pics that I really liked.

Peter is on the prowl for a PE job in our fair city. He will still lack 2 classes, which he will finish in December, but that's making it a little hard. He's pushing hard and looking for aide positions in good systems until then. He's doing a few soccer camps and generally helping me and taking classes.

Pierce is spunky. I know that people use that word to describe their kids often, but it's really the perfect word. She can be fiesty and have a little temper, but is also the sweetest thing. She hates to make you sad, as soon as she realizes that she has, and will give you a hug. Basically a hug is her leaning her head on you. We have had 2 incidents lately that involved her stomping on animals. We will have to break her of that this week because we head to the lake with FOUR dogs tomorrow!! She love love LOVES her cousin Isaac. Here they are playing while I was off traveling.

I hope you all have a happy Fourth of July. I know we will. War Eagle America.


Grin-n-Barrett said...

I miss y'all already!