Sunday, February 22, 2009


I have not done a particularly good job of updating the blog lately! I just uploaded bunches of pics from my little digital camera, which is the one I've neglected since I started shooting with my big fancy camera. So, here is a little flash of the last few months. I dedicate this issue to my faithful little cybershot.

This captures Pierce at the beach in January perfectly. Aunt Grace picked her up just in time!

On the way to the beach... they live such hard lives.

we stopped at the most fun little park in Montgomery when we were waiting to meet aunt grace. There were these little cup-like things you could sit in and if you leaned back, they would spin around and around. I want them in my backyard. If you know what they're called or anything about them.... tell me!!

Pierce had some very important texts to send on the way down.

Peter and I went on a super fun date for Valentines. This picture is really blurry, but you get the gist.

Pierce has been doing a lot of coloring lately. Here she is, hard at work.

Sometimes she colors her face.

She had her first "jump, jump" experience at a superbowl party. She jumped for at least 30 minutes. Had the MOST fun.

Here is how she spent quite a bit of Christmas morning. and the second is her first steps in the sand.


Erin Stephenson said...

If you do not think you look skinny in your v-day date picture, I am going to refer you to counseling, miss.