Saturday, July 12, 2008

Melancholy Milestones

I know that the alternative to achieving milestones is not good in anyway. But, while milestones are exciting for me, they also make me sad. Little baby Pierce is growing each day. I got teary today thinking about how I used to rub her little knuckles while she ate and now her little chubby hands are hardly still enough to find the knuckles. She has been on the verge of crawling now for a few weeks and today it happened. She had done a little bit here and there, but today she saw a bug on the floor and quickly made it across the room to retrieve this tiny treasure. It continued on the pool deck and even in the bathtub. She was asleep tonight before I even got her in the bed! She has also had it with the beloved bumbo (thanks Sarah!) So we bought a little booster seat/high chair. She's loving it! The tray lets her try ever-so hard to get those cheerios in her mouth. Featured in this entry is the BEAUTIFUL friend in the mirror.

Kisses for her friend

Plumb wore out!


Unknown said...

It is fun/sad to see them grow! You're right! Maybe it's time for a new little Gamble!

Grin-n-Barrett said...

Now comes the fun...Piercey is already showing the love she has learned from those around her...soon she will be bringing her Mommy her tiny treasures (a weed flower, a slick smooth pebble, a colorful leaf...and the gosh awful used bandaid she finds on the playground)...Hill and Peter, I am continually amazed by this child. She has communicated her needs and wants since she was tiny...she is loving and trusting...she never meets a stranger unless she thinks she is about to be left with them ;)
I know I say it often but, thank you for allowing me to share in the life of two and she have been angels in my life. I owe you!

Grin-n-Barrett said...

And let me add: Bring On Numero Dos Gamblino!



Emalee said...

Pierce is beautiful! I loved having time with Big Dooba, Dooba, George and Brittany at the farm in NY this weekend. I'll post blog pictures soon for you to enjoy :)