Thursday, September 30, 2010

Summer Ends and School Begins

I'm thrilled with the cooler weather, but I always feel a little sad putting away Pierce's clothes at the end of each season. It means she's growing up. And while there are certainly phases I would like to move through quickly, I love having my babies be babies. I make it a goal each day not to wish moments away. I tend to look to what's next so often, and I don't want to look back and realize I missed the happy moments I had right then.

We begin with Adelaide's first well-baby visit. She was perfect, of course.
This was our last super hot trip to the park before school (Mother's Day Out) started for Miss Pierce. We have so much fun at the park when Daddy goes!

I forgot to take my camera when I dropped her OFF, but this is what I found when I picked her up :)

Mrs. Rivers told me she is so grown up. She makes sure the other kids remember the rules (bossy.) She is a VERY precise painter. I have a wonderful picture she painted of a gumball machine and ALL the gumballs are in the machine. Mrs. Rivers said no one else's were. This made me happy because my cousin Jenny told a story once about how VERY precise her eldest daughter Annie was at school and I find Annie to be just about as delightful as they come. So if Pierce is going to follow in her footsteps, I'm for it.

Here are some funny things Pierce says:
Blueblerries and spawberries
Carra me (instead of Carry me)
I told her the shirt she was wearing said "buzzy" and she said, "No it doesn't. It says 'Dear Pierce, this is your very first blue shirt.'"
When she's mad and she means to say "NOTHING" she says "ANYTHING." Par example- "Pierce what do you want to wear to bed?" "ANYTHING!!"


Peggy said...

Adelaide is just beautiful and I'm so glad Pierce likes school! This pictures are so sweet!!

Margie said...

Coop use to say "lasterday" too. LOVE that!!!!

Grin-n-Barrett said...


; )

Jenny said...

That preciseness is still serving miss A well! I cannot believe how big Peirce is! I feel like it was yesterday when you told me you were first pregnant- now it is two gorgeous girls later!!!